Modify API Response working in chrome but not working in Firefox

I want to modify the list of videos returned when searching by keyword on youtube, I have got a script and it works on chrome but not on firefox

@Tinh_Nguyen_Van Firefox addon doesn’t have the latest Requestly code, we are working with the Mozilla add-on team to get our latest version published. If it takes too much time then we are happy to give you a zip and the steps that you can use.

cc - @Vaibhav_Nigam

@Tinh_Nguyen_Van The addon version supported by Firefox allows modification of API response only for requests triggered using XMLHttpRequest whereas in this case it was using fetch API.

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@Vaibhav_Nigam Yeah that’s an issue. We can probably give @Tinh_Nguyen_Van a zip file and steps how to install firefox add on in developer mode if that’s an urgent for him otherwise we can wait for a few days for Mozilla to approve our add-on.

can you give me the zip to install it?
I need it urgently
Thanks for supporting

does firefox’s version have any effect?

Hey @Tinh_Nguyen_Van, Here is the ZIP with the latest code in Firefox that you can install – - Google Drive

Uncompress the zip contents and select the manifest.json in the below steps.

To install an extension temporarily:

  • open Firefox
  • enter “about:debugging” in the URL bar
  • click “This Firefox”
  • click “Load Temporary Add-on”
  • Open the extension’s directory and select any manifest.json inside the extension contents

Ref - Temporary installation in Firefox | Firefox Extension Workshop

Please note that when you restart Firefox, the extension will be removed so you have to load the addon again.

Please consider logging in when you load the extension in Firefox so that your rules will stay whenever you reload the addon if at all required.

Hey @Tinh_Nguyen_Van Did you get a chance to try out the latest zip on Firefox?

Hey @Tinh_Nguyen_Van We have now our latest version running in Firefox. You can get the latest firefox version from Download Requestly for Firefox| Requestly and use all the latest features.