How to fix link in Google ads preview tool?

I want to open the exact landing page of the ad, but the ad preview tool is not letting me open the link what it does is it opens the same page in a new tab. Here is the sample page: body shaper for women - Google Search

Here is the video demonstration: isearchfrom - YouTube

How to fix this link issue. It should open the landing page in a new tab

@MrFrazSultan I had a quick look. When you hover over an ad card, Google adds an overlay (#plahover) which has same page link. So, when you click it, it rather opens the same page in new tab.

I tried to set a CSS to hide this overlay using Requestly Scripts rule.

#plahover {
  display: none;

But Google also changes href of the link as soon as you click on the card. So, there must be some JS in page which does this magic. You can confirm by checking the link’s href again after clicking it once.

I will not invest much on debugging this but you can always figure out a JavaScript code which can attach a click listener on the link in capture mode, navigate to the URL set in href attribute and cancel event so Google does not listen it.

This Javascript can be added by Requestly in the search results page.

Thanks for the detailed reply but i don’t know how to do it exactly, can you please help me with that JS thing? can you please share the rule so i can import it in my library.

Hey Farz, Sincere Apologies. This is beyond the scope of what we can help with. We do want to give the best service to our customers but we are also wary of where we want to spend our time. I suggest you should ask this on StackOverflow or some other programming-related forums.

I hope you understand that this is not in line with Requestly exactly. If you need help with such things, we can offer our time based on a paid hourly basis at $100/h.

Let me know if you are interested.

SJ - Founder & CEO, Requestly